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Your commercial carpet professionals have arrived in Brampton! Discover the important features of commercial carpet, why style is best for you and the surprisingly common reason your current carpet is wearing.

Commercial carpet. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Flat, low pile and potentially very unattractive. Most likely stained with….well, something. Because it isn’t for looking at, right? It’s functional and low maintenance and not a feature that anyone is handing out beauty awards to.  Then you heard that one of the busiest airports in the world installed wool carpet throughout and if commercial carpet is good enough for the Google offices then it’s probably pretty good for yours, too.

Nowadays commercial carpet is popping up everywhere and it isn’t the same stuff that you remember from your high school teacher’s lounge. Sure, some of it still comes in carpet tiles but now those tiles look like wood planks or the ocean and did you know you can have your carpet specifically made for your space? In fact, this type of carpet has become such a popular choice that it’s popping up all over the place – restaurants, offices, airports, retail locations and even in residential homes.


Ok, so you’re shopping for commercial carpet. Now, what do you need to know? Generally commercial carpet goes in high traffic areas that are exposed to any combination of people/weather/stains/etc… so when considering which style to pick think of purchasing a style with the following:


When you've got an area full of specialized electronic equipment you're going to want a commercial carpet that is treated with anti-static protection. The only way to determine this is to rely on the carpet's specifications and warranties. When you're looking for something this specific, look for new carpet. Unfortunately, though often less expensive, cut offs and remnants may not be able to guarantee anti-static protection.

Stain/Soil Protection

Nowadays all commercially produced carpet has some sort of soil/stain protection. However, some fibers are more resilient than others. Olefin naturally repels stains but absorbs oil. Nylon isn't inherently stain/soil repellent so it's added during production.


A common concern of a loop carpet is that if one loop is pulled, the rest will follow. This is called zippering. Fortunately, a lot of commercial carpets are designed specifically to avoid this as they're stitched in a zig-zag pattern as opposed to a straight line. This way, if one loop pulls you can snip it off without worrying about a fairly expensive repair bill.


Obviously, if you're installing commercial carpet in a high traffic setting you're going to want something extremely durable. To determine this, you'll have to rely on the fiber and construction of the product. Nylon is an incredibly durable fiber and a low loop carpet will hold up particularly well due to it's low stature.


This particular decision will depend on how you want your commercial carpet to look and the environment where its being installed.

Carpet tiles come in a huge variety of styles and colours making the creative possibilities almost endless. There is any number of combinations modular carpet can be designed and installed in and the capacity for mixing and matches colours and designs is infinite. Installation wise, carpet tiles are adhered directly to the subfloor which means that any imperfections will have to be remedied before installation.

Conversely, carpet rolls are often installed over underpad, leaving some room for blemishes on your subfloor. Unfortunately, commercial carpet that comes in a roll limits your design options and is far more difficult to replace if an area gets damaged or stained.


Finding a commercial carpet with a comprehensive warranty is an important part of the carpet buying process. Obviously you want your carpet warranty to match the stress that your flooring will be under. TARR (Texture Appearance Retention Rating) tests a carpet’s ability to withstand traffic and staining by subjecting it to conditions that strain its ability to remain tufted and in its original shape. Commercial carpet is then rated for areas categorized as moderate, heavy and severe. The longer the carpet can maintain its original form during this testing the higher the end rating is.


Areas include offices, examination rooms and areas with light foot traffic.


Good for classrooms, libraries and military housing.


Areas include airports, medical facilites and large areas with heavy foot traffic.


So now that you know a little bit more about commercial carpet the primary decision you have to make now is whether or not it’s the right product for you. Keep in mind that, regardless of the function of your space, this type of carpet has a myriad of uses outside of the traditional office space. With innovations making it softer, plushier, aesthetically dynamic and incredibly durable commercial carpet can look fantastic wherever it’s installed.

If you have any questions or need any advice we’d love to hear from you! Or click here to schedule your free consultation.  If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out some of our manufacturers. Shaw and Mohawk are just two of today’s top manufacturers who also specialize in commercial flooring.

Contact us and we will set up your FREE in-home estimate.
We come to your home, show you samples and leave you an estimate – 
all in one visit!